1. Overview

There may be an issue that appears when trying to scan a publicly accessible JFrog Artifactory when using the JFrog Artifactory version registry settings without credentials. This issue seems to have appeared in version 18.11.

2. Error messages

In Defend > Vulnerabilities > Registry, you will see an error message that reads something like this in red text under the list of registries:

Scanner <scanner_name>: failed to create docker client received status 401 Unauthorized for api
/artifactory/api/system/configuration/webServer, (
"errors" : [(
"status" : 401,
"message" : "Unauthorized"

3. Steps to confirm the issue

If your registry scan settings looks like this, you may see this issue:

registry settings

4. Troubleshooting steps

A potential solution for this issue is to change Version to "Docker Registry v2" in the registry scan settings window.

fixed registry settings

4.1. Additional information

4.2. Prisma Cloud version:

18.11 or later

5. Cautionary notes