1. Resetting Console’s password

If you forgot your Prisma Cloud Console password for a local account in Prisma Cloud, you can reset it. Follow this procedure with caution because unintended changes to the database can break Console.

To reset the admin password:


  • You have root access to the host where Prisma Cloud Console is installed.


  1. Create a hash for the password that you wish to use for your local Compute user.

    In the following example, "Password123" is the desired new password.

    $ echo -n Password123 | openssl dgst -binary -sha256 | openssl base64
  2. Exec into the Console container.

    $ docker exec -ti twistlock_console /bin/bash
  3. Connect to the database.

    $ mongo

    If you’re using older versions of Compute or Twistlock, the above command may not be sufficient, and you will have to pass in additional arguments:

    $ mongo \
      --ssl --sslAllowInvalidHostnames \
      --sslCAFile /var/lib/twistlock/certificates/ca.pem \
      --sslPEMKeyFile /var/lib/twistlock/certificates/client.pem \
      --sslPEMKeyPassword `cat /var/lib/twistlock/certificates/service-parameter`
  4. Switch to the twistlock database and update the local Compute user’s password.

    The following example sets the password for the user "admin" to "Password123".

    > use twistlock
    > db.users.update({username:"admin"},{$set: {password:"AIxwOS46v70PpHu8LtlqqZvUnhWXJ/y6Dy5qvrOp1gE="}})
    WriteResult({ "nMatched" : 1, "nUpserted" : 0, "nModified" : 1 })
  5. Exit out of the database and the container.

    > exit
    $ exit
  6. Verify the changes by logging into Console with your new password.