1. Overview

This section provides a snapshot of the fixes in Prisma™ Cloud Compute Edition 19.11 Update 1 (19.11.506).

The following table outlines the release particulars:



Code name

Dirac, 19.11 update 1

Release date

23 December 2019


Maintenance release

SHA-256 digest


2. Improvements, fixes, and performance enhancements

  • Adds support for embedding Serverless Defender with a Lambda layer.

  • Adds full support for runtime defense on CoreOS, including block and prevent actions.

  • Adds coverage for VMware Photon OS vulnerabilities. Photon is a host OS optimized for containers.

  • Improves registry scan performance for very large registries.

  • Fixes an issue with registry scanning when in the middle of an upgrade. Defenders selected to scan registry images must have the same version as Console.

  • Fixes an issue with container images not being properly deleted from the host after being scanned.

  • Renames "RASP Defender" to "Container Defender - app embedded".

  • [Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition] Fixes navigation links in the Console UI.

  • [Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition] Fixes Console’s contextual help system to properly link to individual articles on the doc site.

  • Fixes some false negatives for vulnerabilities in Java JARs.

  • Fixes security issues.

3. Upcoming breaking changes

In the next major release of Prisma Cloud Compute, we will deprecate the following endpoints. These endpoints are used internally by the UI to get a list of table filters. For sorting and filtering results, retrieve the full data set (e.g. /api/v1/containers), and use tools like jq and Python to filter and sort.

  • /api/v1/containers/filters

  • /api/v1/hosts/filters

  • /api/v1/scans/filters

  • /api/v1/profiles/container/filters

  • /api/v1/audits/mgmt/filters

  • /api/v1/audits/incidents/filters

  • /api/v1/audits/access/filters