1. Overview

Console can be deployed in an HA configuration using either your orchestrator’s HA capabilities or Prisma Cloud built-in HA capability. Prisma Cloud built-in HA capability are provided for customers that want to run Console on hosts that are not under the control of a cluster manager.

When leveraging a SaaS hosted Console, HA is automatically provided.

In general, we recommend that you use your orchestrator’s native availability features. If you are using an orchestrator for HA, do not enable Console’s built-in HA capabilities.

When you deploy Console on multiple hosts, Prisma Cloud built-in HA ensures that one Console is always available, even if a host fails. Prisma Cloud HA creates a high availability clusters from redundant hosts running Console in an active-passive configuration, and automatically manages cluster membership, leader election, and failover.

To learn about Prisma Cloud’s built-in HA capabilities for Console, see here.