1. Overview

To inject secrets into your containers, you must first integrate Prisma Cloud with your secrets manager, and then set up rules for injecting specific secrets into specific containers.

Prisma Cloud can integrate with the following secrets managers:

2. Refresh interval

By default, the refresh interval is disabled. That means if you change a secret’s value in the secrets store, you must force Prisma Cloud to update its list of values. In Console, go to Defend > Access > Secrets and click Refresh secrets to force Prisma Cloud to fetch the latest values of all secrets from their configured stores.

You can also configure Prisma Cloud to periodically retrieve the latest values of all the secrets from their stores. In Console, go to Manage > Authentication > Secrets, click Edit next to the Secrets refresh interval field, and specify an integer value in hours. Setting the refresh interval to 0 disables automatic periodic refreshes.